Monday, December 16, 2013

Social Media Popularity.

Social Media Popularity. So let's talk about it. How does one acquire such a popularity? Does it really depend on your content or honestly your pure popularity? I for one have never been very social, in my real life or my "internet life"... not that I knock those who are.. You go Glen Coco! It is mind boggling though, how does a person who has a total of eight pictures have over 11K followers on instagram? How does someone who has tweeted maybe twenty times have over three hundred followers?
I really don't want to sound bitter or jealous, that's totally not my intention... I honestly just want to know the secret! I am for one not the best blogger.. Heck I'm hardly here, but in the event that I dedicated more time to my blog how could I generate readers?! If one posts content, it's usually in the hopes someone will read, relate and be able to give feedback, correct?
If I'm being totally honest, which I usually am that's one of the main reasons I'm such a crappy blogger.. pure fear that no one cares about what I have to say/ show them.. I hope I'm not alone in that sense. I love to put out content in hopes there is some weirdo's out there that can relate to this lone weirdo right here! So if you know this sanctified secret please do share! I would love to be able to reach out to a wider audience... Honestly just find some lone wolves like myself. 

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  1. I unquestionably admire your blog, so much. It's so unique and wonderful, xo.

  2. I think its an amazing post!

    Well social media is so fake sometimes, it depends on who is using it. You have multiple sort of "social media users" ... The ones I focus on, are the bloggers and the fashion - style- art fanatics. Those who care about content (text and images). The rest will like just for the sake of liking something.
    I totally understand your point of view on Social Media and I think i can relate to it.
    So you'r not the only weirdo in the world. We are two for sure now :-)

    Greets Jon,

  3. by the way i followed you on GFC, would you like to follow back?

  4. This is too funny! And i love the honesty in this post. :)



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