Saturday, October 12, 2013

Seldom and Sporadic.

Hello, anyone who reads this.
I know I suck at blogging on a daily, well monthly basis for that matter. I won't make up anymore excuses, my last three posts probably have a bunch of crappy ones for reference. I am alive though! I do want to continue blogging, as it is a creative outlet, an outlet I desperately need. 
I won't lie and make up dates I'll consistently blog, because c'mon.. who are we kidding?
I honestly don't have much to ramble about today. Much has changed, but I would prefer to actually dedicate more time to a post describing my life changes... I would however like to share a song and band I am currently OBSESSED with.  
The Ceremonies are absolute music goodness! Give them a listen. Until then my lovely two and a half readers. Have a lovely weekend. c:

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  1. Everyone gets this way sometimes :) Don't worry, there are always people still wanting to read, not matter how many times you update.

    Hmm maybe...


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