Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hello old friend.

Because I can be vain, well at times I can be, here's a huge picture of my face playing coy.. lol.
Oh goodness where to start, a sorry wouldn't even begin to be able to cover it.. but indeed I am. Sorry for going over a month, wow, A MONTH!!!! With no posts... Gees I was doing well too, but alas I hit a rut, writer's (blogger's) block and strayed away.
I am however back, with some new exciting changes happening in my life. First and foremost I have a new job! I'm overjoyed with that newest change to my life. Some financial woes will be healed with this better paying job. c: I look forward to being able to fund a giveaway in my near future.. first one hundred? Who knows, but I'll definitely be looking into that!
In addition to new job, I also got my learner's permit, such an overdue task! I had ranted about being chicken and leaving the DMV, due to my fear of failure, a while ago; but know that that deed is done I HAVE to learn how to drive! I've set myself a goal for my birthday, which is August 6, to know how to operate the darned car, if not have my actual license at least know how to go to the corner store!!!
Wow, those changes seemed a lot more exciting in my head, ha well they're new so that's somewhat exciting? SHE'S STEALING YOUR PENSION in the comments if you've read this far! I've missed this interaction and can't wait to dive back into the swing of things. Looking forward to hear from my fellow bloggers/readers and seeing what's a going on the interwebs.. leave me a comment saying hello! I'd love new blogs to read as well, just drop me a line!
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  1. Congrats on the new job! Looking forward to some more updates :)

  2. Love the lip colour.


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