Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mean business? I DO!

Black Blazer/ Cream Flowy Top/ Flowy Dress Pants/ Black Briefcase w/ silver hardware/ Black Pumps

It's been far too long ladies! Today I created a look inspired by an important interview I have next week. Perfect for anyone in the corporate work force. I wanted to keep it very minimalistic, but still fashionable. Hope this inspires any new office looks!

A little disclaimer.
I've mentioned this in a post, but feel the need to reiterate it. I don't list links for the items in these looks anymore for two reasons, the first being: Most pieces are extremely expensive, the blazer shown is an Alexander McQueen piece valued at $2,085. These prices get really expensive, as you can see... The second reason I don't list links is shipping. Not all web shops offer international shipping. Again these little looks are NOT meant to be copied to the tee, but to offer some inspiration for whatever event your little heart desires. With that I bid you adieu. 
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  1. Oh, I love that cream top! Good Luck on your interview Dalia! Please let us know how it goes! Totally rooting for you :)

    PS. no need to post links girl. It's all about inspiring, and that's what you do!

    1. Thanks Victoria! Always love reading your feedback.

  2. Gorgeous look!! I love the shirt!
    Good luck on your interview!


  3. That top is so sweet! Good luck to you.

  4. I love a good blazer, especially black classic ones.

    good luck too!



  5. I aboslutely love the black briefcase! So pretty :) xxx


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