Friday, February 1, 2013


Hello lovelies, today I'd like to get a little personal if you don't mind. Yesterday was somewhat of a breaking point. I found myself feeling incredibly irritable, a feeling spawned by a lack of appreciation. I felt like I was being pushed and pulled to do things for everyone, as I usually am, but receiving no gratitude for the things I do. Then I felt selfish for feeling like I deserved a little more recognition, but you sometimes can't help what you feel.
After crying it out, yes it was that bad, embarrassing I know, I felt somewhat better. Crying can be one of the easiest ways to let off steam, and it did help. What really got me through was venting to my sister. She's my rock and my bestfriend. She could relate to feeling unappreciated, and it was easy to talk to her about it.
As the picture reads "You can't please everyone", and because I've always tried I've allowed people to be expectant of my generosity. Saying "no" to people, especially loved ones has always come hard for me, but it's something I'm working on.
My lovelies if ever you find yourself hitting a massive low, please talk to someone about it. I've always been the "bottle it up" type, and it's not the most healthy course to take.  So talk it out, vent in whatever healthy way you can think of. If you have any other venting methods please let me know. I'm still reeling in some of the emotion from yesterday and blogging it out helps as well. So whatever your outlet is use it!

 With that I wish you a happy weekend! What are your plans? I hope to finally get an upgrade on my phone tomorrow, *crosssing my fingers for an iPhone*. If all goes as planned expect a better instagrammer out of me!


  1. saying 'no' to people is the best thing you can do for yourself, i think. since i started doing it more i feel so much better! as strange as that sounds :)

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  2. I'm going to visit some showrooms and meet some friends. Wish you a great weekend too!

  3. I know what you mean, sometimes you just have to let it out and then you feel better :)

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  5. Loving the blog! I was wondering if you'd be kind enough to have a little look at mine? Thanks! x

  6. It's really good you had a cry, sometimes a good cry is just necessary. Instead of getting worked up and trying to be strong it's always better to just let it out and deal with your feelings which you did and you obviously feel better for it. Don't let yourself be the type who bottles it up again! <3

    1. It's a work in progress! A good cry does take a load off.

  7. Great post!!
    Crying always helps! I know it very well!

  8. Hope you feel better soon hun! I know the feeling


  9. cryng always makes me feel better, how weird does that sound? I hope you're ok x

  10. Just remember you can't get a rainbow with out a little rain x

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  11. I hope you're feeling better, Dalia. I am guilty of the same thing, and you're right, crying is sometimes just the best thing to do. Even if people don't show it, you are definitely appreciated. Take some time for yourself, you deserve it :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Dalia!


  12. It's only natural to want to be recognized for the things that you do for other people. Of course that doesn't mean that you're selfish, it just means you're normal. You definitely can't please everyone and you REALLY can't make everyone else happy if you're not happy yourself. Sometimes you just have to look out for yourself first and help people when you can in order to keep your own sanity!

    Chin up! :) You seem like a lovely person.

    x Bridget

  13. This post was beautiful! I'm also one of those people that bottle it all up. It usually all comes out in one go, I prefer to jot all those negative feelings into a journal/diary! xx

  14. Your so right, you definitely cannot please everyone. Try not to bottle it out, everyone needs a good cry now and again x

  15. I've just discovered your blog and you seem like a lovely person, hope you're feeling a lot better :)

  16. I'm guilty of bottling things up too, it's not nice is it?

    I used to be the type where I wanted to please everyone but unfortunately that would be wishing for the impossible. As cliche as it sounds, YOU are NUMBER ONE and just be yourself. xo

  17. for me.. i find that any form of exercise whether playing a sport or doing some workout really gets me in focus and helps in calming me down. :)

    hope you're feeling better! :)

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  18. Great post! Keep your head held high!

    I'm a new follower of your blog - I really like your layout!

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    Looking forward to your future posts :)




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