Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gift Guide: Valentine's Day Edition!

Hello lovelies, as Valentine's Day approaches in the coming weeks I bring you a gift guide. These are just lovely little trinkets I'd love to be given on a day which is to be filled with love. Some say Valentine's Day is a con, but I think it's just  a day for people who don't always recognize how lucky they are to have their loved one to make up for the lack of appreciation. Although this type of love should  be celebrated year long, some people, (especially GUYS!) need a little reminder, or a little push to show their appreciation.
Although I've never, legitimately had a Valentine, (forever alone!!!) I'm still a sucker for love. So you lucky ones out there show your love! Tell me what you're expecting on this day filled with warm feelings! Let me know in the comments!


  1. I wonder if there's a way to let my boyfriend see this without it being too obvious :-P I love valentines day, although I think it should be about small thoughtful gifts like this rather than the standard perfume and a card.(If he does end up reading this, sorry! :P )

    Maisy xxx


  2. Such cute stuff, Dalia. I'm a very simple girl and have never really celebrated Valentine's day with my fiance. Maybe this year we'll do something special.


  3. Cute! I love everything, especially the mug!



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