Thursday, December 13, 2012

Time of Merriment.

Oh how I love the holidays. Our humble little Christmas tree has since commenced to gather presents.. Mainly for my niece, nonetheless the holidays are a time for family and merriment. Something about this time of year triggers nostalgic memories. Certain scents, colors, songs will just take you back to a happier time. With age comes understanding. I've learned to cherish a smile, instead of  a present. To see the joy you can bring someone during this time year is by far one of the most heartwarming experiences.
Yes I am still young, but with that being said my soul has outlived people twice my age. I'm not one to bother strangers with my inner most personal life stories/problems, but although I am young I can say I've had to deal with far more struggles than many others. Struggles always put things into perspective, overcoming struggles changes your perspective.
Learn to love, learn to let go any petty issues in this time of merriment. It's the holidays, this time is to be spent with your loved ones, this time is to be cherished.
This holiday post is a smidge premature as Christmas is still well over a week away, but I still felt like sharing. As I've said learn to let go any issues. No one likes to reflect on the should of, could of, would of. Make amends and live life. Live life, and love life. 


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