Monday, December 10, 2012

Random Chatter!

RE-BRANDING my blog! Yes, it's only been a week since I've commenced my serious blogger mode, but as I've stated I was none too thrilled with the name, or layout... I'm very pleased with theintrovertedbrunette, it is me to a tee! I will now go in my PSP busy bee worker mode working on banner and such, but yay for re-branding! So if you happen to stop by and everything looks odd, don't fret everything is techinically underconstruction, but not for long!
I'm definitely not done editing my template to my liking, but as I do have other engagements for this dreary Georgia day I must stray away for a while... Funny thing is, although I have my bi-weekly schedule up and running I've already posted two Random Chatter posts! Alas I can't stay away for too long. Although not too much traffic has been brought through to my blog the excitement of writing a new post is so tantilizing! Back to my busy bee worker mode. 
-Singing off, 
The blog formerly known as CheshireIllusions. c;


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