Sunday, December 9, 2012

Random Chatter!

First week blogging!

As promised I've blogged my weekly schedule, and since it's a first I'd like to share my thoughts, concerns and feelings! Although traffic hasn't been  severe for this first week I won't let that damper my spirits. I was often times concerned no one would even read my posts, and I guess sometimes I still worry about that. To be honest I can't dwindle on that negativity! Even if only one or two people read my blog, I'll be forever grateful, and the few that have this week I'm just that, grateful. 
I sometimes worry my blog is too all over the place, as an avid reader of many different blogs I realize they all have a main theme, so to speak. Fashion blogs are solely fashion; as well are beauty blogs, book blogs and the like. I get concerned my interests are too broad and may not appeal to those fashion, beauty and book bloggers. I'd like to consider myself a life enthusiast, as my blog isn't one theme, but all about my life, and my array of interests. I hope that at least some of my interests appeal to some of you readers.
I don't like to dwell on negativity so I shan't. However I would really appreciate any critique out there! If you'd like a different schedule; if you'd prefer I be one of those blogs that solely focuses on one subject (i.e fashion, beauty, etc). Any opinions on how to better my blog would  be very much appreciated.
I do see myself changing things in the far future, I'm none too happy with my blog's name, and hope to come upon some divine inspiration for a name that will incorporate all my interests and odd-isms  I'm a perfectionist, so naturally I'm rarely pleased with how things stay, well not pleased for too long at least!
I also hope to get a camera with MUCH better quality so I can post more comfortably. Again I'm thankful to those few who've stopped by, and as promised my bi-weekly posting schedule is still in full affect... So therefore, no posts this week, but please don't hesitate to drop a comment! I'm always checking my dashboard for new posts from other bloggers, so even if I'm not posting I'm not absent either! c;
Massive virtual hug to those who read this. 


  1. Hi Daila, I just started a blog you should check it out. i'm doing a Sephora giveaway. You should enter :)

  2. Hi Dalia I have been bogging for just over a year and I promise you although blogging is a very slow process you will pick up subscribers who enjoy your content as you go along, write as you feel and enjoy the process- I look forward to reading more of your posts!


    1. Thank you! Yeah, its a slow process, but I've enjoyed it so far!


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