Monday, December 3, 2012

Love, Hate!

Hello my lovelies, as promised I will keep up with this scheduling! Here goes my first on schedule post!

Let's get the loathe out the way... My lovely mother, who used to sell Jafra beauty products kindly gave me a  cream concealer to try. If you don't know what Jafra is think something along the lines of Avon or Mary Kay.. Any who here's some pictures of the product. (I do apologize for the quality of the pictures, working on getting a new camera)

Now the reasons I did NOT like this product were: TOO thick! It went on extremely chalky! I tried swatching, hardly noticeable in the picture (again I apologize for the quality) but it did conceal, however it was soooo rough to blend in. 
If for whatever reason you'd like to try this product : Jafra Cream Concealer

Now on to the LOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is my love for this week. This bestseller is truly one of those books that makes you ponder life. The main theme is self discovery of one's "Personal Legendor a self destiny so to speak. A beautiful story that makes you appreciate things from a different perspective, if you haven't read it I  suggest you do. I can't see anyone regretting reading this little jem. C:

You can get this book HERE!

For this week only one loathe, one love. See you on Toss up Wednesday!


  1. I love this book to!
    I just made my blog and now I was looking at yours and it's really cute. x

  2. Wow that was literally like reading my own favourites !! Love everything you've recommended and I am obsessed with reading !!! Any more book recommendations For young adult/teems would be GREAT ! Also ... Rise of the guardians ? Guilty pleasure ;) keep it up ! From a fellow brunette/introvert x


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