Saturday, December 29, 2012

C2NY: Music Favorites!

Countdown to New Years! I've decided to start a little countdown, and by little I mean only three days! As the new year approaches I'd like to compile all of my favorites things of this year, starting with music! I've chosen two female and male artists I've been loving this year. 
I'll start with the beautiful Rebecca Ferguson, although her album was released in late December of 2011 I've  really been loving her this year! Sitting stateside you don't find out about a lot of UK artists, which is awful as there's so many talented singers out there! I've been loving her album, her voice is so soulful and puts me in a happy place!Taylor Swift is force to be reckoned with, she's had a a great year and I absolutely adore her music. Although many people find her music juvenile and think she's "mentally stuck in middle school" I absolutely love her! Her new album sticks to her fun, upbeat songs; although I liked her more country side I don't mind her more "pop-ish" crossover.
For my favorite male artists of this year I've chosen Ed Sheeran and Kanye West. Again, like Rebecca Ferguson, Ed Sheeran's album was also released in 2011, unfortunately I've only discovered his musical genius earlier this year! He's songs are beautiful, and always bring me to a smile as his lyrics are sincerely sweet and kindhearted. Kanye West, the notorious a-hole that he is, is still by far one of my favorite rappers. Although I've strayed away from the rap scene since my younger days, I do still enjoy his music. Every girl needs a little "ratchet" in there lives'! But in all seriousness, I do prefer his earlier music, but can still bop my head and dissect the lyrics to his newer music as well. I wish he'd do more solo music, as Cruel Summer was more focused on his G.O.O.D Music artists, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Just miss his solo, mad man lyricism.
As for my favorite bands/groups I've really loved these three picks shown above. Imagine Dragons is the kind of band that'll get you amped up and ready to fight of zombies, but also zen enough to contemplate life, depending what track you're listening to. One Direction had a phenomenal year, and there music has matured as they have, well the lyrics have. There newest album was a bit more, shall I say raunchy? Regardless, they're still adorable, and there music is still fun and young. Fun. was everywhere this year! For good reason too! As Imagine Dragons they're music gets you amped, "We are Young" solidified summer of 2012!
These are only a few of the artists I've been loving this year. Tell me who've you've been listening to. Recommend new music to me!  Agree or disagree with my picks? Let me know in the comments!


  1. i do love a bit of ed sheeran!
    Also looove FUN. Can't wait to see them in april! x

  2. Got SO into taylor swifts new album, boyfriend bought it for me when i got out of hospital and has regretted it ever since, its always on in my car now:)

    follow back?


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