Monday, October 8, 2012

Music of the Moment

Music I'm enjoying at the moment would be Fun., One Direction, Emeli Sande, Florence + the Machine, Green Day, The Script. I've been in love with Fun.'s album although I do love their second album, Aim and Ignite, their first album doesn't get the recognition it deserves. Real quality there, you can never go wrong. 
Can we say One Direction Infection? Ha, but no seriously I've been in love with these "lads" since about May of 2011, yes kind of late, but hey I don't live in England! Still a proud Directioner! Their new sing Live While We're Young is such an infectious summer song. Although summer has come to an end, I'll be singing this song well into the fall, even winter time! Just a really fun, song.. They grow up so quick!
Emeli Sande has such soul to her voice! I am rather new to her music, but everything I've heard so far has been a winner, especially her hit single Next to Me.. I attempt to belt out the song whenever I hear it, haha.
Florence and the Machine are hauntingly beautiful, Florence Welch is pure perfection. Although it isn't new Never Let You Go is played probably every day. It also helps that the ever lovely Jamie Campbell Bower is also in the video. I love the rawness in her voice, this album is definitely played while working out. 
I don't think anyone can ever get tired of Green Day, I mean these guys are legends.. Pretty saddened to hear about Billie Joel Armstrong, such talent, hope he get's better soon! Oh Love has been on replay since it was released. Although their current music doesn't compare to their old classics, its still beloved in my eyes.
I love an Irish accent! The Script's newest single featuring Will I.AM Hall of Fame, is a tad different than some of their past work... I honestly didn't recognize them when I first heard it. Yes its different, but you can't deny its good!

 I've also been enjoying Little Mix, Justin Bieber, and you can never forget the oldies... old Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Blink-182, Sum 41, even N*Sync ! This is the music I've been enjoying for the month of September, since it's still early October it seemed appropriate to share.



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